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Thought Economics

Thought Economics – Vikas Shah

The key to understanding people, the environment, politics, entrepreneurs, culture, technology, crime, poverty, music, societal behaviour, and any other facet ...
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AI Super Powers

AI Super-Powers – Kai-Fu Lee

There are so many individuals that are self-appointed experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Kai-Fu Lee is not one of those ...
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eli broad unreasonable

The art of being unreasonable – Eli broad

Eli Broad is one of the only individuals to have built up two Fortune 500 companies from scratch, in two ...
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success principles

Success Principles – Jack Canfield with Janet Switzer

I read this book a few years back, but thought it was worth a bit of a refresher read. It ...
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technology fallacy

The Technology Fallacy – Kane, Philips, Copulsky, and Andrus

There is so much being written about digital transformation across various organisations including banks and financial services players, and the ...
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Nine Lies About Work – Buckingham & Goodall

Nine Lies About Work – Buckingham & Goodall

There are many beliefs held about what behaviours and activity drive employee engagement in the workplace. With so much research, ...
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Everything is Figureoutable – Marie Forleo

Marie shares where her philosophy of everything is figureoutable comes from, and how it has helped to propel her Meteoric ...
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humble inquiry

Humble Inquiry – Edgar H. Schein

A very fundamental exploration of how to connect with others through mastering the art of asking better/quality questions. This book ...
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