Summary of all business books reviewed, and recommendations on great reads for personal development

This one is for anyone who is interested in understanding the biology behind behaviour, well-being and the ability to change

Some very key leadership lessons, and an amazing perspective on how to lead with empathy, and drive staggering results

A fantastic book for anyone stuck in that awkward decision between not giving up on something, or quitting while ahead

A comprehensive recipe for creating sustainable and lasting change

Written for those that want to improve rapport building respectfully across international cultures

Curious about how leaders, innovators, explorers, and progressive academics think about the big questions, this is the one

Concise summary of the evolution, and usefulness of AI to the global economy, and some of the implicastions of the tech

Learn how being disagreeable can make you very successful. Eli Broad is truly an industry titan that we can all learn from

One that has stood the test of time – a great set of principles to help you be the best version of you!

Responsible for technology outcomes in driving business success? this is the go-to read of the decade – want to transform your tech, start with your people

Nothing stays the same for long, a great read for anyone looking at spotting the next growth area for  themselves

A guide to creating a successful business, for anyone looking to understand how to start and scale their business

Want to learn how to be a success entrepreneur, start with this read and learn the 5 steps you need to take

If you want to learn how to design customer journeys the right way, read this! A great hack for consultants starting out

If you want to stop working for the “machine”, and want to learn how to create your own financial freedom