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2021 WRBR

What is new in Retail Banking?

Every year Capgemini produces the World Retail Banking Report, an annual report on trends and patterns that are emerging across ...
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Using Cryptocurrency for everyday transactions – a new era?

Last week PayPal announced that it would enable US consumers to be able to pay for goods and services online, ...
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Core Banking Transformation

Has COVID made us think about Core Banking Transformation differently?

This week I will be interviewing Carlos Salta, the Global Head of Banking and Diversified Finance for Capgemini, to discuss ...
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A Short History and the Possible Future of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency and its related terms have become part of our everyday discourse and language. Still, many people don't comprehend what ...
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Non-Linear Careers

Non-linear careers and advice for navigating them

I was asked to talk about my career journey at a Women in Banking seminar recently, specifically to share insights ...
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Banking AI Use Cases

Top 6 use cases for AI in banking

I recently reviewed one of the best books written on AI to date, AI Super-Powers, where a brief history of AI ...
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Fintech UK Economy

5 reasons why fintech’s are important for the UK economy

The UK is a very natural home for fintech’s, as it has held the position of a global, and entrepreneurial, ...
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What Banks can learn from switching services and comparison sites

What Banks can learn from switching services and comparison sites

In the main, people find managing their finances challenging, and the process of setting out a budget, to help manage ...
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