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Contact Centre: Getting Value in the Digital Age

The theme of the week has very much been centred on several conversations around improving the commercials of the contact ...
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Don’t think customer experience, it’s about customer care

So, I have been having a lot of conversation on what customer experience will look like under Open Banking this ...
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Open Banking: A New Financial Order

Open banking is already changing the face of the financial industry as a new generation of dynamic and disruptive technology ...
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Banks Re-establish the Lost Art of Customer Conversation

Through adoption of mobile enabled digital services, nancial services rms are aiming to drive and create customer value. Improving the ...
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Challenge and Opportunity

We are in the midst of a defining moment for financial institutions, as the decisions they make today will come ...
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Digital Transformation

When established financial services organisations, that have enjoyed years of leading the market, face a rapidly changing world where consumers ...
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