The world of work is transforming, keep pace

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The world of work is transforming, and we all need to keep pace. Undoubtedly, how we approach work and careers has changed in the post-pandemic world, with different expectations on “where and how” we all work. For organisations to move forward and grow in this climate, they need to cater to more collaborative and inclusive ways of working.

In a recent study of business leaders conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value, over 1,500 cross-geography and cross-industry executives were asked how they are approaching their work management transformations, how effective they are at doing so, and what challenges might be getting in the way.

Here are some of the insights and themes that emerge from the study:

It takes integration to win. The new workplace reality requires a more integrated system to optimise work activity and outcomes—and those who prioritise this approach are already outperforming peers.

Take the lead by putting people first. Implementing the technology behind Enterprise Work Management (EWM) may be challenging, but organisations often underestimate the resistance and risks on the people side—a critical misstep.

Go for the gold—a holistic approach. Organisations that adopt a holistic approach to EWM—one that encompasses employees, culture, adoption, strategy, and agility—realise their goals of achieving a competitive advantage 43% more than their peers.

The report also cites “Nearly 60% of executives agree that the need for effective Enterprise Work Management (EWM) has escalated, moving it from a “nice-to-have” to a mission-critical priority. And the benefits of integrated work management strategies align accordingly, with respondents saying that integrated work management has resulted in improved productivity, reduced costs, and improved customer satisfaction for their organizations”

The study also notes that with the urgency that comes from needing to change at pace, there is an expectation that spending will increase by nearly a third more in 2023 compares to 2021.

For more information on how the world of work is transforming, please check out the full report

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