Alibaba & The 40 Thieves of Success – Jack Ma


This book is a little treasure. Super easy read with 40 amazing perspectives from one of the world’s leading entrepreneur’s. The 3 big ideas I picked up…

Learn from other people’s mistakes

  • We love to hear about the story that illustrates the process of success and winning! As uplifting as these stories are do they give the most learning
  • Winning requires a number if changeable factors to be in play, hence can be difficult to replicate
  • Mistakes provide better learning, as they contain a common anatomy

Leadership Grit

  • Leadership grit is being able to listen to you’re no good and carrying on with conviction
  • Rejections then just become part of the process of getting from A to B
  • Setting visual reminders, finding your own Forest Gump, to inspire you when the going gets tough

Not being a tech person

  • Most people get obsessed with emerging tech and innovation and not really seeing this as a means to connect supply & demand
  • See through the eyes of a customer and jam in the fact that the tech is just a route to driving great experience

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