Capgemini World Wealth Report 2021

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An incredibly special 25th anniversary edition of Capgemini’s World Wealth Report examines the global High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) population and wealth growth dynamics, shifting digital-era expectations, asset allocation trends, and investor opinions about fees, hybrid advisory services, and existing offerings.

Key Messages & Findings:

Driven by equity market buoyancy, North America leapfrogs Asia Pac to become the largest wealth segment globally, delivering growth in excess of 9% for the region

  • New business models in the wealth space are enabled for more hybrid-advisory as technological innovation (wealthtech) changes the complexion of wealth management for the mass market
  • Traditional players now need to consider more fundamental changes to their operating model to be able to complete effectively. Customer experience, that is executed without friction and which is hyper-personalised is one of the facets of driving an more aligned wealth proposition
  • Data and analytics-based offerings that help drive investor yield and convenience are key for accessing advice faster, with more real time ability to improve returns on wealth portfolios. This trend will bring several challenges to an industry built on “experience & expertise”, and investors also now look to diversify over a greater number of asset classes
  • ESG-centric offerings are also becoming vitality important not only for investors but for broader services across banking. The rise of ethical fintech/wealthtech organisation aims to support the democratisation of wealth agenda, whilst making in-roads into sustainability

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