Disrupt Yourself – Jay Samit

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Disrupt yourself is about taking control of what happens to your career journey. Really bursting with some pearls of wisdom, and very easy to read. It’s not written in a formulaic way which can be a real turn off. Liking the big opening of the Johari’s window on the way. The 3 key messages that really resonated…

Big Messages/Key Quotes:

  • Business Psychology
    • No matter what products you make, whether it is dog food or bank accounts, you are in the business of solutions. Helping to fulfil a need to make something better for someone
    • Looking at all major disruptions, they all have a common start point, the ability to decompress and make time for introspection
    • Most people worry about how they themselves, or the business they operate will become disrupted by external forces. Key here is not what happens, but how you respond to the event

  • Keeping yourself in check
    • Self-disruption is like the process of major surgery, only difference is you are the one holding the scalpel
    • Positive ideas very rarely come from negative people. To be in growth means to keep yourself in the mind-set that is curious and seeks to resolve, not layer on problems
    • The master will always appear, when the student is ready. Be vigilant, always

  • Watching the value 
    • The way in which a person expresses is one of the most under-rated elements when it comes to ideation. An average idea expressed passionately has more arms and legs than a genius idea no one understands
    • Avoiding the “entrepreneurs disease”…never be ruined by praise, at the cost of being saved by constructive criticism
    • History never remembers those that maintained the status quo….be brave. No leader prospered from following another’s path – better to walk alone than follow the mob going in the wrong direction

Why read this book?

This book is designed to help anyone who is stuck in a career plateau, and cannot work out how to move forward. Some practical insights for creating your next career chapter, irrespective of industry and position.

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