Normally I shy away from this type of book, but thought would give it a go! Sometimes we need to exercise the same bravery when it comes to trying something that falls outside of your normal reading sphere. There were a lot of great tips and insight for those at an early career stage, but some great reminders for the more seasoned professional. Picking out the 3 nuggets from the read…

Big Messages/Key Quotes:

  • Some doors open with a strong push
    • When looking for a “new door” career wise be forensic in your search, and don’t restrict yourself to the comfort zone
    • Find people in your organisation that you can get help from- but be selective, these allies also need to be influencers

  • Get blooming when you are plucked
    • Any new role can be daunting. The more you feel you are in over your head, the more you need to dig in and apply yourself
    • Learning what not to do is just as important as doing the right thing. Learn from those that are perceived to be not so great leaders

  • Eye on the prize
    • The key thing on managing your package in every situation involves keeping your boss very well informed of what your are doing. If you can show your value, a package discussion becomes easier
    • Be clear on how your boss defines success…and align!
    • Keep an eye on the market so you continuously benchmark your worth

Why read this book?

If you are looking to kick-start your career, or thinking about how to research your next steps, this is a really great source of navigation. Written in a simple and easy conversational style which works well in landing the message

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